Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Bitcart? 

Bitcart allows anyone anywhere to buy Amazon.com gift cards instantly using Bitcoin (ideally using the Lightning Network)

You need Bitcoin and an account on Amazon.com

List of Lightning wallets:




How long does it take to receive my gift card?

The Lightning Network enables instant and secure delivery of our gift cards. With wumbo channels you can now make large purchases over the Lightning Network. Purchases made over the Lightning Network are usually delivered instantly.  

On-chain transactions take several confirmations before delivery. There may be an hour for delivery in this case.

Note that it can take up to 24 hours at the latest for your gift card orders to arrive. You can contact us through the contact form with any questions or updates throughout the process or on Whatsapp and Telegram anytime.


How do I check the status of the bitcoin I sent?

If paying with Bitcoin, please check your wallet or txid (transaction ID) using www.blockchain.info

Once the bitcoin transaction has received a few confirmations on the chain then the code is on the way!

For transactions over the Lightning Network you can check at https://1ml.com/


Can I pay with Bitcoin?

Yes. Due to slow and often high transactions on the bitcoin blockchain, however, we recommend using the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Use equivalent custodian or non-custodian wallets available to you for using Lightning Network and as always run your own node if you can such the Nodl.it hardware. This is the optimal way of using Bitcoin with no fees.


Can I Pay in US Dollar?

Yes. We and now provide limited support for Debit Card via Apple Pay. There is a small 3rd party fee for availing of this service. It is recommended to buy Bitcoin from a P2P marketplace, or if you must, an exchange. 


What is the Bitcart contact email?

You can message us by following the contact tab, on Twitter or Telegram @bitcartio


How do I sell gift cards?

Click on Sell on the top of the screen. Here you will need a gift card and a Bitcoin wallet.


How do I register?

We do not require you to register to buy gift cards ever. We have a newsletter sign-up form where we will send you exclusive discounts by email. If you wish to sell gift cards then please fill out the Typeform to begin verification. 


Can I shop on stores other than Amazon? 

Yes you can! After you apply a gift card to your Amazon account, you can use your credit to purchase another gift card with hundreds of brands to choose from. There is a wide list to choose including Wholefoods, Uber, Airbnb, iTunes, Google Play, Hotels.com & more. You can find on amazon.com


Is there any limit to how much I can purchase?

Buy as many Gift Cards as you like through the site or contact us for wholesale deals. You may be limited to $500 per day depending on demand.


What if the code does not work in my country?

As we do not ask your country of origin it is your own responsibility to ensure that the gift card works in your region. All gift cards are in US Dollars to be used on Amazon.com which can usually ship internationally. Please check this on Amazon in advance of your order or search for a drop shipping service to deliver to your country.