You Can Now Use Bitcoin Lightning for Airbnb, Uber, Starbucks, and more!

Cork, Ireland — 20th June 2019 — Gift Card Exchange, Bitcart, has launched a ton of new gift cards to it’s inventory. The Lightning App already offers up to 15% on gift cards and has now integrated with Airbnb, Uber, Starbucks, iTunes and Wholefoods.

Living on Bitcoin has never come with such a huge incentive! In fact, bitcoin-only services such as Bitcart help onboard new users who want to receive huge discounts even if they have never heard of bitcoin before.

Founder and CEO Graham de Barra says, “We have been working on ways to to improve user experience on the platform and it just made sense to cater for more variety of gift cards. It just makes sense to use bitcoin on Bitcart. Who doesn’t like receiving a discount?”

The Gift Card exchange, which has been around since January 2015, has experienced the volatility of bitcoin throughout the years.

“Cashing out bitcoin has become an increasingly difficult thing to do in the United States. Now instead of signing up to Coinbase users can just spend their bitcoin in real life, saving 15% and giving utility to bitcoin.”

There is no sign up, no KYC and no fiat accepted on Bitcart which is fundamentally a non-custodial bitcoin service to serve the payments use case. Since its integration earlier this year, 50% of all sales are done over Lightning Network.

“I would like to thank the developers and products who are working tirelessly to make this journey possible, in particular our partners OpenNode.”

Visit and experience living on bitcoin with the added perks!